Anna Karenina

The woman:


Reading Anna Karenina too,

-from its English translation-

I have been watching her for many mornings now

Zurich to Glattbrugg

Suburban train number 5

Always the same seat

3rd compartment from the end

Right after the mid-engine

The man:

I am a man and I am waiting for the train,

“Love or the Lover?” says Tolstoy

Hands shoved into the pockets

Wearing a gauze collarless shirt

That “shirt”, I say

“Years later Nazim wore it too”

We are stuck eye to eye

The city:

Hardbrucke train station




3 people in the middle of the 3rd platform

This is twentyfirst century

Time is the crack of dawn

The question is eternal

“You” says the man with his eyes

“Did you know so I could too?”

Hasan Sever
Zürich, 09.09.2011